Team games on Europe

The Green Team

Announcement in agd2:
The crazy europeans will be starting a new project this Sunday - the green team. The concept is simple. Only green items (and all charms and sockettable items) will be permitted. This includes the helm, the armour, the rings, ammy, boots, belt, and shield and weapon slots (and anything other slots I've forgotten).

Part 1: Preparations

Part 2: An evergreen field...

Part 3: To green or not to green... (An evergreen field, part 2)

Part 4: Green Intermezzo

Part 5: Greenies in nightmare

Part 6: And now, ladies and gentlemen... the Green Team!

Part 7: Green Team - The Ascension

Part 8: The obligatory green team write-up

Part 9: Sweet dreams from the Green Team...

Part 10: Green Team banishing Baal