The obligatory green team write-up

(Posted by Babe Bridou on May 28, 2004)

Thursday, May 27th

Dear diary,
Today is the last day of our journey through the Sea of the Stars. Captain Meshif is a good sailor and he treats us well. After all, he sees us as this world's last hope - as well as his purse's greatest opportunity. He allowed us to travel for free from Lut Gholein to the Kurast docks, provided we help him plunder a ship or two in the mean time, to which we merrily agreed. Oh, diary, that was so much fun! I can still hear the cap' yelling "camon', ya bladfockin maggot sons of waterwitches, bring out yer kegs or forfeit yer legs! Ho hi ho, skewer the scum, and sink in the rum !".
I can't wait to see again my dear Kurast, to feel the warm welcome of my fellow zakarumite friends!

Dear diary,
My back is hurting a bit. Greenhorn told me that was because of the full plate I insist on wearing on the ship. It's been five days, after all. But I like the aura, it feels safe and warm, and even protects me against the elements, like when we were caught in the middle of this storm, my hair were hardly wet. Greenhorn told me that I was stupid to keep the Griswold set on during lunch, and that the scepter and shield were only bugging me when I was eating. He's a fool. He doesn't understand.

Dear diary,
The captain went berzerk suddenly and threw one of our mercs in the sea. The problem was, that was our holy freeze merc. We are currently waiting for an Icebreaker ship to unlock us. Sine_Nomine is trying to enchant the rows to cut our way through. She was also tempted to fire the merc. I don't care, I have to finish this checkers game with ViridisLupus's Oak Sage.

This was the last page of the diary of BabyGreenPriest, who disappeared mysteriously along with six other persons by walking through an unkown red portal in the durance of hate level 3.

Nobody knows what happened to the Green Team. Where are they now? Is there a Hell in Hell?

So far, hell difficulty feels like a walk in the park. Of course, people now start to lose a little bit of life, but what's 600 life when you have more than 3K?

One hour and a half was the time required to clear act3, including a very gloamy swampy pit. A nice training camp to prepare for the worldstone keep. I don't see it causing any difficulties - for now.

Basic strategy, as for now:

Act 4, 5? on monday afternoon...

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