And now, ladies and gentlemen... the Green Team!

(Posted by Babe Bridou on May 19, 2004)

<music artist="Pink Floyd" album="The Wall" song="In the flesh">

So ya thought ya might like to go to the show
To feel the warm thrill of confusion that space cadets grow
I've got some bad news for you sunshine
Bing isn't well he stayed back in a hotel
And they send us along as a serenade band
We're all gonna find out how you really stand

Are there any wraiths in the chaos sanc tonight
Get them up against the wall
That knight in the spotlight he don't look right to me
Get him up against the wall
That one looks fetish
and that one is a gloam!
Who let all those critters into the room?
There's one stoneskin and cursed!
And another with stun!
If I had my way I'd have all of you shot!


Tuesday, 18th May, 8pm GMT+2

After a bit of chit-chatting in channel public chat agd2, the Green Team once again gathered in the rogue camp... in normal difficulty.

After a bit of game switching, the Green Team once again gathered in the rogue camp. Everyone was ready to raze the Spider Forest. Sszark: poof. Endugu: kaboom. Sarina: tipidiBLAM. Icehawk: chomp. Ismail, Geleb & Toorc: squish. Bremm, Wyand & Maffer: zzzap. Mephisto: crunch.

Act 3: check.

Now for the real challenge: our first fire resistant and immunes in nightmare act4. Gunde the enchantress achieved her first potential plateau when she reached max enchant, max warmth and max fire mastery. At the same time, I reached max holy bolt and max fist of heavens. Hansi had max nova, max lightning mastery and going for Frozen orb. I believe Kata was gradually maxing her valkyrie, exploding & freezing arrow. Hannes had his max BO and put his first point in berzerk. Ian was... still pumping shadow master and his trap synergies. Kris was... still pumping oak sage and her fireclaws synergies. Jens was... still pumping his bone spear synergies, and was still denied the right to cast a single bone prison. Ever.

As most of our damage came from gunde's enchant (mercs, Hannes, Kata, Gunde and me _really_ loved it), we had to switch to a very different playing style, where we mostly cared to tank for Jens, Hansi & Ian, our big hitters. I methodically avoided melee killing in most cases, relying mostly on fist of heavens and holy bolt to squelch the hordes of undead promptly while our ladies Kris & Gunde took care of those non fire resistant.

Hannes was, as always, the pillar of the group. His ability to taunt, tank and whirlwind everything was really appreciated. It's like being behind an impervious nuclear shield : you feel in complete safety. Too bad things *will* change in Hell, and maybe even sooner.

Izual: check.

Anyway, the team breezed through to the Hellforge, switched to salvation and incapacitated the amourer with smite. Someone said the mandatory "fe". As usual, I didn't care. He exploded, leaving me with only a fifth of my life orb... Which is cool in softcore, but pretty hot in hardcore. Shivers down my spine, trembling hands, Daeron's HC rampage stories rising from the depths of my very soul, once again... I was still alive.

Hellforge: check.

On to nightmare Chaos Sanctuary, the recently proclaimed favourite MF den ("Magic Finding") by the aforementioned Daeron, also known for other reasons as an all-time MF place ("Melee Forbidden").

Zzap, sckreesh, Boom, Swish, Hughn, Ha!, swoooosh, gnm, THOOM, pthuw, gargle, shshlip, gurgle, zzap, DONG, Boowah, Driing, Ahaarh, hick-up, squish, thud, waaon... Some say you can play by ear: in the Chaos Sanctuary, you *have* to play by ear. The screen is so... messy. Auras everywhere, curses flying one after the other, elemental missiles, infernos, bone armours, red bobbles, blood spurting, mana-draining ichor balls, lightning bolts, novae, bone spears, millions of holy bolts, sparkles, clusters of exploding arrows... until the screen shakes and we can finally tell Diablo "Ciao, till next time". Not a single mercenary died. Not a single bone prison cast. Awesome.

Act4: check.

Ten minutes later, Eldritch fell and we called it a night.

Thursday 8pm will be the next session. We will probably reach level 71 by the time we kill Baal, so most of the troops will get access to their end-game gear. Until then I'll sing the Milabrega Blues, no matter what.

Open my Chakras
Blowin' my Mantra
Through plains & oce-ans
Someone finds! oh my dear,
Dear green vortex shield
Until the-e-en... Oh yeah...
At least I can dreee-ee-ee-am...
At least I can seeee-ee-ee-ing...
The Milabrega Blues.

Thank you. Love you all. Peace.

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