The Green Team: Preparations

(Posted by Ian Oversby on April 29, 2004)

The crazy europeans will be starting a new project this Sunday - the green team. The concept is simple. Only green items (and all charms and sockettable items) will be permitted. This includes the helm, the armour, the rings, ammy, boots, belt, and shield and weapon slots (and anything other slots I've forgotten). Mercs will be subject to the same restrictions and yes, green bills will be very popular :) Starting gear may be used until you reach the level requirements of your green stuff.
Boredom is not the aim of the game.

Twinking of green items will be permitted - we're not into naked parties... well, er, not in Diablo anyway. No other items may be twinked, at least in normal and nightmare (no twinking those Ums and 40/15s folks!) Hammerdins will not be welcome, and only summonables castable in town are allowed. Skelliemancers, we don't want you. Apart from that, any other build is welcome unless you come up with something uber I hadn't thought of.

The team will be played on the european servers on the hardcore ladder. Do any europeans still play softcore? Just kidding guys. The time on Sunday is yet to be decided. Everyone is welcome, and if you're equipment poor, green stuff will be donated to you... that isn't to say you'll be getting a tals armour, but I think we have a few IK mauls to go around.

Some of the proposed team-members include: shape-shifter (oak sage) druid, battle orders (IK) barb, trapsin (I love CoS) and a salvation (avenger?) pally. This is all up for discussion of course.

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