The Green Team: To green or not to green... (An evergreen field, part 2)

(Posted by Babe Bridou on May 5, 2004)

The Europe HC Green team gathered merrily again on thursday night.

We were happy to welcome Gunde's newborn enchantress, who managed to achieve level 24 in order to quest with us on time!

After a rather boring time spent leveling our respective mercenaries (unfruitful as for me...), the team regrouped in Kurast Docks, ready to take on the Spider Forest again.

As we now had access to level 24 skills, things were a lot different - even faster than before.
Now we could benefit from:

Thanks to the meditation & enchant, I was able to reach a higher state of gameplay: endless smites, zeals and vengeances, but more importantly I was able to use charge as a real transportation method, either by pressing shift and clicking, or by clicking and tapping shift (until my windows squeals because I tap it too much, *an-noy-ING!*). And you know what? it helped me *a lot* to follow (and sometimes lead!) the team. I guess Hansi, Ian and Jens were very happy to have me around, too, novas, LS and BS are such mana hogs...

I noticed one interesting team combo... with Ian's lightning sentries: when I smite a monster, it can get into stunlock as the sentries zap it during the smite stun duration, much like the mindblast+LS trick in PVP, but without the sometimes annoying conversion in PVM. This could be used too with Hannes' stun & warcry (FYI: stunlock = when a stunned monster/player is hit by a lightning sentry attack, it stays stunned). The only problem with me is that I only plan on base level 1 smite, so getting the stunlock might prove difficult because of the low stun duration.

Anyway, I was happy to invest in the last Fist of Heavens reqs: zeal, vengeance and conversion. Zeal and Charge, thanks to Gunde's enchant, were my main non-undead killer. Apparently Smite doesn't get boosted by enchant. Damage shoes in red letters, yet isn't improved. That's too bad...

I start to get the grip on fighting with holy bolt; Gloams, Wraith, abyss and oblivion knights were my pets (at least in normal...), but I can't wait to cast my first Fist of Heavens w/ Holy bolt synergy, only 2 levels to go before massive undead damage and multiple healing bolts!

Hephaesto lasted about 3 seconds, Izual died in 6, and Diablo only had time to cast one lightning breath and one firestorm before vanishing. Guess who tanked those?


Next session is planned on Thursday... too bad I can't be with you to start act5, but with an avenger pally whose name I didn't catch, you shouldn't be all that crippled...

I hope you won't xp/quest like crazy up to nightmare when I'm not there, as I don't quite have the time to level on my own these days, and the priest definitely can't solo quickly, even in normal. Oh, add to this the fact that this is already my highest HC character (lvl 28, next is BabyStygianDoll, lvl 27 melee necro, then there is a lvl 22 thrower, stuck in normal chaos sanctuary and hanging in the viper temple respectively), I don't really want to solo somewhere where my other chars can't come and loot all those set items you kindly gave me!

Anyway, have fun, see you soon, and keep an eye on your teammates!

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