Liquid measures

The information on this page is to show you what kind of containers I use to sell my tea. Some of the data was taken from Granny Mi's site and the player wiki, but I thought it might be interesting for you to know the weight of each container when it is full of tea.

Beware, there also large bottles, eg the purple ones from the Chronides farmstead, but they only contain approximately one pint. And even though they are meant to be identical among themselves they have different weights.

Container Shots Drops empty weight full weight
Large bottle 40 4000   3 4/9 pounds
Medium bottle 24 2400 6/9 pounds 2 pounds
Small bottle 12 1200 4/9 pounds 1 1/9 pounds
Vial 3 300 1/9 pounds 3/9 pounds
Phial 2 200 none 1/9 pounds