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Percival Kingsford + Adela Henrietta Curtis

1 child

Parents Grandparents
Percival Kingsford
Birth: October 3, 1847 32 32Staines, Middlesex, England, Großbritannien
Death: about September 1934Staines, Middlesex, England, Großbritannien
Edward Kingsford
Birth: about 1815Belshanger, Kent, England, Großbritannien
Death: September 13, 1898Sunbury, Staines, Middlesex, England, Großbritannien

Family group information
Religious marriage April 25, 1889
Address: St Martin-in-the-Fields
1889. Marriage solemnized at the Parisch Church in the Parish of St Martin in the Fields, Westminster in the County of Middlesex. No.: 436 When Married: April 25th, 1889 Name and Surname: Percival Kingsford; Adela Henrietta Hope Age: full; full Condition: Bachelor; Widow Rank or Profession: Gentleman Residence at the time of Marriage: Constitutional Club; Sunbury on Thames Father's Name and Surname: Edward Kingsford; Charles William Curtis Rank or Profession: Surgeon; Gentleman Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Churched, by Licence, [Unterschrift ... Kingsford: M.A.] Vicar of S. Thomas's ... This Marriage was solemnized between us, [Unterschrift Percival Kingsford] [Unterschrift Adela Henrietta Hope] in the Presence of us, [Unterschrift C. W. Curtis] [Unterschrift Henrietta F Curtis] [Unterschrift Ed Kingsford]
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