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William Scales + Selina Skey

8 children
Selina Charlotte Scales
Birth: April 18, 1827 40 25Stamford Hill, Middlesex, England, Großbritannien
Death: July 6, 1896

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Family group information
Religious marriage October 20, 1824
Address: St Pancras
Citation details: Heiraten, 1824, Nr. 601
MARRIAGES solemnized in the Parish of Saint Pancras, in the County of Middlesex, in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Four William Scales of the Parish of St John Hackney, Widower and Selina Skey of this Parish Spinster were married in this Church by License with Consent of ___ this twentieth Day of October in the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty four By me John Ph[...] Potter Off. Min:r This Marriage was solemnized between us Will Scales, Selina Skey In the Presence of George Skey, Charlotte Skey, Charles Skey No. 601
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