The Paladin Contest rules

  1. Contestants should not belong to the "wealthy" part of the readers, at least not on Europe. And I would love to have some lurkers delurk!
  2. Each contestant will be given a predefined account with a new paladin in it. The contestants will be placed several games together with jury members, and they will play for 120 minutes. The contestants are only allowed to play in the games announced to them by the jury.
  3. The contestants may only use items they find in that particular game, and they may not get help from outside.
  4. The contestants oblige themselves not to use maphack. Of course the judges can't control that, so we have to trust you there. (Plus the jury members might get slightly suspicious if you are heading straight for every single xp shrine immediately in a new area.)
  5. In the beginning everybody has to party up in order to get quests 1 and 6 together. After that the contestants are allowed to party up with other players in the game (or not if they prefer that), and to play in whatever area they like.
  6. After 120 minutes of gameplay the contestants have to log out of their account, and the jury members will change the passwords in order to compare the contestants' paladins afterwards.
  7. Winner is the character with the most experience points.
  8. The winner is obliged to never trade away the items he wins. If he doesn't need them any more he has to give them away for free.